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November 4th
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Doug Kennealey

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Events For Home Services Franchisors to Learn & Connect 

You may have attended many conferences over the years including franchise and other business conferences, but you have probably never found a conference that had everything you wanted. These conferences tend to talk a lot about problems that home services franchisors don't have. Covid-19 has really hit the restaurant business hard, but Covid-19 has not affected the home services industry the same way. In lots of instances, business has grown for home services companies. Maybe your franchise has some similarities, but generally, your business has lots of problems that you don't share with other non-home-services franchisors. There is a gap in the conference market where home services franchisors are not able to effectively network with other home services franchisors and be able to learn from each other.

Instead of waiting for someone else to create a home services conference, we decided to take it upon ourselves to create a conference where we can talk about industry-specific issues. The Home Services Summit was born to achieve that mission. Home Services Summit was founded with the purpose of creating an environment where franchisors can network and learn what is happening in the home services industry and how to solve issues that franchisors face.

We have created two mediums of communication to achieve our mission. We wanted to create a way where we can talk about things that are going on right now in the industry. With Covid-19, things have changed a lot and continue to change quickly. To address the need of having a way to talk about problems occurring right now in the home services industry, we created the Home Services Summit Webinar Series. This live stream event happens every first Thursday of the month. We have different guests join us to speak about current issues and how franchisors can address those problems as well as other interesting topics.

Webinars aren't an ideal way to connect with others and network. There are other problems that also exist with meeting online that hinder the ability to communicate effectively with other home services industry franchisors. To address the need to meet in person, we created the Home Services Summit Annual Summit. The summit is a three-day conference meant to allow effective networking and create a place where franchisors can learn from each other. We select experts in the home services industry who are equipped with many years of experience to speak at this home services conference. (Due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions, we have chosen to do this event virtually for our 2021 event. We are finding software that can aid in the networking aspect of in-person events that so many like.)

Our hope is that our events will help the home services industry grow and create a place of learning and networking. We invite you to join us in one of our next Home Services Summit events.

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Annual Summit

February 4-5, 2021
Hosted Virtually

Webinar Series

November 4th, 2021

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